The Treehouse Bandits are a gang of explorers and pioneers. These creative outlaws of the playground live for action and adventure.

Their stories teach us about self-confidence, strength of character, friendship, and the importance of imagination.

The Treehouse Bandits were created by Patrick Ballesteros and Kevin Staniec.

patrickkevinPatrick Ballesteros (patrickballesteros.com) is an illustrator and designer with a passion for creating art that brings you back to being a kid. As a product of the 80′s, Patrick’s inspiration stems from his childhood and it is those inspirations that he injects into his illustrations and designs. He works in Los Angeles as a freelance illustrator/concept artist for the film, game, and animation industries.

Kevin Staniec (kevinstaniec.com) is an arts advocate, author, and publisher. In 2002, Kevin co-founded ISM, a non-profit organization publishing paperback projects and producing international art experiments. In 2013, Kevin co-founded Black Hill Press, a publishing collective dedicated to the novella. He is the author of And This Was My Happy Ending, I Am. You Are., Begin, and 29 to 31: A Book of Dreams.

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